Top-Up - MOLepoints

How to charge into MOLePoints?

image1. Login to
image2. Select "Top up your MOLePoints Prepaid here" from MOL Member Zone.
image3. Key in your MOLePoints Serial number and Pin Number and click on the "Top Up" button.
image4. Your MOLePoints will be transferred into your account if top-up is successful.

How to purchase @Cash using MOLePoints?

image 1. Visit Gameshive's MapleStory page.
image 2. You will be prompted to logon to your MOL account.

Note: Make sure you have sufficient MOLePoints in your account.
image 3. Enter your email address and contact number. The Security Number and code will be sent to this email.

Click on "Continue" button to proceed.
image 4. You will see a pre-approved page with information on the products and services you are purchasing.

Click "Process Order" and wait for few seconds.

Note: Do not close the page.
image 5. Your @Cash information will be shown on the PC screen. Your receipt together with @Cash Serial number and Security Number are sent to your email address (provided earlier in step 3).

How to get @Cash?

image 1. Check your email with the email address you provided during purchasing for the @Cash Serial number and Security Code.
image 1. Login to with your Asiasoft Passport Login ID and Password.
image 2. Under @Cash, select Top Up.
image 4. Enter Serial Number and Security Code received from MOLePoints.
image5. Print out your on-screen receipt for future reference after the Cash Charge is successful.


Converting @Cash to Maple Cash

image1. In order to use the @Cash in the game, it must first be converted to Maple Cash.

Learn how to convert @Cash to Maple Cash.
image2. After converting successfully, you may now proceed to the Cash Shop in the game and start shopping with your Maple Cash!


Why can't I see my @Cash in Cash Shop?

  1. Check your Transaction History within your Asiasoft Passport to see whether the charging was successful.
  2. You may try accessing the Cash Shop a few times or change a channel before doing so.
  3. You may email if you encounter any other problem in charging @Cash.