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Information about User GMs | 29.07

Dear Maplers,

Are you clueless or do you want to know more about our User GMs who are spreading their love and knowledge about MapleStory wide and clear in MapleSEA?

Well, you don’t have to run around asking your friends or buddies who have seen or talked to User GM now that you can find almost all the information about them here!

What is User GM?
User GM is a player chosen to help the community in MapleSEA. User GMs will socialize and assist the community as much as possible on game enquiries by providing players with the correct solutions to the problem(s) they face. User GMs are different from Game Masters as they do not have any special ability/power.

How to Identify User GM?
User GM can be identified by the ‘User GM Cap’ shown in the screen shot here. As of now, there are already 11 official User GMs appointed. Their In-Game Nicknames (IGNs) and details can be found on the same site.

The main responsibility of User GM is to mingle within the community to understand better on players’ needs as well as to guide new players, providing the correct solution for any game or account enquiry.

Do note that some enquiries such as Account Compromise will be re-directed to the ibox since this is not within the User GM’s ability to assist on.

Please do not harass User GMs nor spam them for a reply on Account Compromising. The correct and only channel for such issue will be via ibox.

User GMs DO NOT have the ability to suspend or block players. However, screenshots or videos submitted by the User GM will be considered as official evidence, while the Game Master will impose a suspension based on the screenshot or video provided by the User GMs.

Who are they?
Find out more about them at

If you have any feedback on our User GM, do drop us an iBox.

– MapleSEA Administrator

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